EUPACO-0 - Munich, 25 November, 2006

Time and Place

  • 9am-12.30 on Saturday 25 November, 2006
  • Institute for Computer Science (room 1.27)
  • Oettingenstrasse 67, Munich (near the English Garden)

This event is free and open to the general public. Registration is encouraged.

Conference Programme

09.00 - 10.30 Block 1: Current Issues

Reports about the situation and upcoming developments in the fields in which the FFII takes interest:

  • Current situation of patent granting and enforcement.
  • Quality and desirability of patents in various fields.
  • Unification of the European patent system.
  • IPR Enforcement Directive 2.
  • Negotiations at WIPO and other UN fora.
  • Open standards, interoperability, infrastructures.
  • Regulatory burdens on producers of information goods and infrastructures.
  • Quality and democratic control of lawmaking/rulesetting processes in Europe.

11.00 - 12.30 Block 2: Toward a Better European Patent System

The European Parliament has called for "significant improvements to the EPLA text". We have proposed some significant improvements and will try to explain and refine these improvements.

They include ideas such as the following:

  • Put parliaments in charge of patent legislation.
  • Replace EPLA court with judicial harmonisation agency.
  • Privatize the Patent Examination System.

Discussions of reforms, such as the following, are also welcome:

  • Various concepts for judicial independence.
  • EU patent court vs EPLA patent court.
  • Copyright for innovation.