Eupaco4 (March or April 2009)

EUPACO-4 (March or April 2009) will be held in Brussels, and will address two main topics:

  • Part1: Software patents in Europe and elsewhere
    1. EPO: Brimelow referal to the EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal on software patents
    2. UK: Symbian case
    3. US: Bilski case on Business Methods patents
  • Part2: SMEs and patent litigation
    1. EU-EPLA and Community Patent proposals


Brussels, DeMarkten, 1000 Brussels


Coming soon.


A list of speakers will be published soon.

Participation fees

The conference is free, but the registration 24h before is mandatory to access the conference.


An Internet Chat and audio and video streaming will provide the opportunity for participants that are not able to travel to Brussels to participate to the debate.