Call for Papers

Submitting Proposals

Registration and submission of contributions is via email to gro.ocapue|srepap#gro.ocapue|srepap. To participate, please submit:

  1. A short abstract.
  2. A paper or detailed description of your talk.
  3. Slides for your talk, if any.

To present your paper, you will have 12-20 minutes to allow time for questions.


We are looking for papers on all topics that are relevant to the subject of a future EU patent system, including discussion of existing patent systems:

  • Current situation of patent granting and enforcement.
  • Quality and desirability of patents in various fields.
  • Unification of the European patent system.
  • Open standards, interoperability, infrastructures.
  • Quality and democratic control of European patent system.
  • Substantive research on the patent system.

And discussions of options for the future:

  • The role of parliaments in patent policy.
  • Privatising the patent examination system.
  • An EU patent organisation.
  • An EU patent court as an alternative to an EPLA patent court.


Abstracts and submissions should be in plain-text format. Slides should be submitted in PDF, ODF, or PPT. The language of the European Patent Conference is English.


We expect to publish submissions on, and in the conference programme. Unless otherwise agreed, all submissions are copyright of the Authors and will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.

Selection of contributions

Contributions are selected based on their content by the programme committee. We will favour submissions that provide new information, insights, and value to the discussion.


EUPACO is organized by volunteers. We may reimburse travel and accommodation expenses for speakers, with prior agreement.


All EUPACO speakers will be invited to a dinner on the evening before the opening day.